What we are all about.


What we do


We buy your e-waste or unwanted scrap to achieve over 95% diversion from landfill. This is done both online and locally.

If you are in the ACT area, through our business partners we can offer a secure chain of custody for the removal and transport of assets and e-waste and can provide recycling, proof of destruction, and data wiping/destruction certificates. Our business partners operate under strict processes and policies and are compliant with AS/NZS 5377, ISO14001, ISO9001.

Why we do it


To save toxic materials found in computer components finding their way back into the ground polluting the earth. It is more cost efficient to use already processed metals and materials than mining them from scratch.

How we do it


There are a number of processes that differ for each component. They range from extraction of metals like copper, gold, silver, aluminium, platinum. Converting glass and fibreglass into reusable products. We employ processes which include careful disassembly of all products – this means no or very little shredding to maximise resource recovery at its highest value and minimise disposal to landfill, reclaiming precious metals for reuse, carefully managing resulting waste streams.